People are separated from nature through building material culture in the form of the city, which excludes uncontrollable natural elements in order to maintain itself. I am interested in the notion that the urban environment is like a house of cards, susceptible to degeneration when plants, animals and weather systems interact with its material structure in unforeseen ways.

Parks and woodlands are designated as ‘safe’ nature, while that defined as weeds or infestations threaten the city habitant’s sense of dwelling. Yet, within the middle-ground of gardens and hedgerows, plants and animals possess their own vibrancy – interrupting people’s daily routes and creeping into the subtle boundaries of defined urban space.

Photography inherently incorporates discourses of surrealism, reality and perception. Photographing the city can reveal its unnaturalness: by using flash photography’s surreal effect (the snapshot format culturally regarded as undoctored) I have attempted to photograph the urban environment as the backdrop to tensions between nature and human material culture, and make the city seem beyond-real.


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